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Fable & Kings Valentine's Day Gift.

The Coronavirus hasn't exactly made the dating scene or the single life easy with the current restrictions and lockdowns, even hugging a family member is a bit ominous. So, we thought we would make this year slightly better by offering 20% off your order at Fable & King for Valentine's day. Treat a friend, impress a loved one, or simply self indulge yourself to a new T-shirt or sweater. Remember, you can get an extra 10% off your first order if you subscribe 😉

While Valentine's day during lockdown is not ideal for impressing the other half, we have listed a few articles below to give you some inspiration.

Valentine’s Day in Lockdown: Ideas to make Valentine’s in Lockdown Special

Secret London

We also recommend checking out @2bellyfillers Instagram for their tasty dishes. A brilliant way to impress a lucky person this Valentine's with your cooking skills. Just don't end up like Joey...

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