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Halloween 2020

For some, much of 2020 feels like it's straight out of a horror story and there are still two more months left of the year! For others, it's their favourite time to get creative.

While we may not be able to go too wild this year due to COVID-19, we thought it would be a good idea to try and create a pumpkin to pass the time.

Instead of going for the conventional way of carving a pumpkin, we wanted to try and carve a "3D pumpkin".

Looking through Youtube for a bit of inspiration, we came across, Ray Villafane, famous for his 3D Style pumpkin carvings.

Ray's style was slightly ambitious for a first try so, we opted for another idea instead based on something we saw on Youtube.

After about 10 minutes in things were looking pretty dire but luckily Aldi was doing pumpkins for £1 (if a fresh pumpkin was needed!). Juice and ink were running down staining the tablecloth and was getting everywhere. The pumpkin was beginning to look like it had been attacked by a dog.

We used a fresh Stanley blade to stencil out the face and a normal kitchen knife to scrape off layers to add more depth.

Three hours later and a plate worth of pumpkin guts, we kind of had the look we were going for. We've posted the result below and for a first try, we're kinda chuffed with how it turned out, even if does look more like a clown than pumpkin.

It would have been nice to of added more detail to the gums, but we started off in a bad way. Also, the eyes are a little larger than expected, plus the food colouring has now spread through the whole eye on both sides...whoops.

Scary Pumpkin

Have a great Halloween, stay safe, and keep on spooking.

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