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Handmade Face Masks.

As lockdown begins to ease up, wearing a face-covering in public will become mandatory in shops and supermarkets in England from 24 July. Wearing the mask will help reduce the risk of spreading/contracting COVID-19 (amongst other germs) when out and about in public.

This is the perfect time to stand out and get your own hand made facemasks and we know just the right place to go...

If you head over to @twiggythervn on Instagram, Sara is spending the time to create her own facemasks using fabrics from Hobbycraft (much nicer than the blue surgical face masks). Each mask has a fun and colourful design to choose from, making your daily outfit look much more exciting this Summer.

Each mask has space inside for filter if needed and soft elastic for your ears ♥

What are the face coverings rules in shops?

Face masks must be worn in shops in England from Friday 24 July, although shop workers will not have to wear them.

Those who fail to wear a mask could be fined up to £100, or £50 if they pay within 14 days.

The rules will be enforced by the police, not shop workers, and only ''as a last resort''.

Some retailers say they will not question customers who do not wear a face-covering:

  • Sainsbury's says it "won't be challenging customers without a mask'' since they may have a reason not to wear one

  • The Association of Convenience Stores has advised members "not to challenge customers who are unwilling to wear a face-covering" to "avoid any potential flashpoints of abuse'' in stores

  • The British Retail Consortium says while retailers should work "to encourage and support the new regulations", it is the responsibility of the police to enforce them

  • Aldi will be selling masks in all UK stores, with in-store signs and staff members prompting customers to comply

  • Tesco will have signs explaining the rules and it will be selling masks

For more information on Covid-19 click here.



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